Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Carma’s Corner: Secret Santa

I don’t believe in Santa; I actually can’t recall a time when I did believe in Santa. My parents were not anti-Santa, but the whole “Santa charade” wasn’t really promoted either. Of course, I always had stockings and gifts—but being the realist that I am, one man flying around the world and sliding down chimneys did not seem very plausible or believable. Some may argue that I have been deprived; I don’t think so. I still experienced all that Santa stands for—happiness, cheer, gifts—just without the flying or sliding!

While I don’t believe in Santa, I’ll admit that I like the concept of Santa—sharing joy and cheer with others. On the CBS Evening News the other night, a story aired about a man who plays “secret Santa” each year. He randomly chooses individuals and hands them a $100 bill. He doesn’t know the individuals; he doesn’t know how the money will be used, but he believes the world can be changed by one random act of kindness at a time.

Imagine a world where more “secret Santas” existed; would society even look the same? Granted, not every “secret Santa” could pass out $100 bills, but perhaps opening a door for a mom with two small children, scooping the walk for a widow/widower, or buying a cup of coffee for someone means more than the wad of cash. Oftentimes, the actual gift or act is remembered for awhile and then forgotten, but the thought is what actually leaves the impression and touches lives.

Secret Santas will come and go; their gifts or acts will offer momentary happiness and lifelong memories. Just recently, my mom, sister and I experienced a “secret Santa”. We were ordering lunch at a deli when an elderly lady came from behind and pressed money into mom’s hand. As mom turned around to thank the stranger, she was disappearing in the crowd. However, beyond “secret Santas,” there is only ONE who brings everlasting joy and eternal life. For it is because of Christ that society may see more good will to all… especially during this time of year.

So… in retrospect, I have not been deprived at all. My parents just taught me to place my hope and joy in the eternal… and in light of my eternal hope and joy, I love sharing tidbits of happiness, especially when I get to be a “secret Santa!"

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